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The College Career Center as a Resource for the Experienced Job Hunter

An effective job search relies on a plethora of accessible resources. If you graduated from college, don’t forget the often-neglected resource of your alma mater’s Career Center. Many colleges extend their career assistance to alumni, as well as students and recent graduates. An erroneous assumption often made is that college career centers only provide information on entry-level jobs most appropriate for recent graduates. However, career center staff often develop strong relationships with area employers and uncover opportunities requiring more experience than entry-level positions. Colleges will vary widely on how you can access their job listings. You may be able to save / print information via the career center page on the college’s website. Note that a password is commonly needed, but it may be possible to obtain the password simply by verifying your alumni status with career center personnel. Other colleges may feature on-campus computerized job listing systems or e-mailings for sharing job information sent in by employers. Job listings are often just the beginning of what a college career center can provide an alumnus. OTHER SERVICES COMMONLY PROVIDED

  1. Direct Contact with Employers Most colleges periodically hold job fairs, typically organized by the career center staff. These job fairs are generally just as effective for the experienced professional, as well as for the novice. Additional employer activities include on-campus interview sessions and selective recruitment events. Some colleges allow alumni to participate in these events. Experienced candidates can be highly prized.

  2. Strategies For Network Expansion Remember that expanding your network increases the visibility of your job search and the number of people who could help you. Information can typically be found in career centers on professional associations. Some colleges develop an alumni network for mentoring students and supporting each other. Don't forget to join an alumni network through LinkedIn.

  3. Resume and Cover Letter Critiques Career center staff can expertly advise in revising resumes, as well as in creating cover letters and other self-marketing tools. Some centers provide workshops on resume development, job interviewing and other related topics.

  4. Library of Digital, Print and Video Resources Usually a center will have a variety of digital, print and video resources available. Anything from labor market information to interviewing tips to job search website listings can be found. Such resources can often be accessed through the college’s website.

  5. Personal Appointment With a Career Counselor An appointment provides time to clarify perspective and goals with an experienced career professional, as well as an avenue to develop new strategies. Note that due to the number of students career centers service, this is not always an option available. However, many colleges recognize the value this service can provide to alumni and do offer it.

Going back to your college career center can give you the momentum to re-energize your career in amazing ways. Take the time to check out what assistance is available for you.

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