Hot Job Hunting Tips                                         January 2, 2020

There are many factors that impact the success of a job hunt. Some are more foundational, in

that if you don't pay attention to them, you could just be spinning your wheels with additional

activity. Be sure to keep these considerations at the forefront as you develop and implement

your job search plan:


Be generous in networking. Whether online or in-person, networking is all about developing

and maintaining relationships. However, to encourage support from others in meeting your

needs, you should first show value in supporting others. Build your network strategically --

identify those who hold potential for helping you in the future, but invest wisely by being

proactive in offering assistance to them. This could be through sharing articles, insight,

contacts (prudently and carefully, of course), or other information.


Prepare strategically for interviews.  Research the company thoroughly enough so you can discuss on an intelligent level how you would match not only the job requirements, but the business culture as well.


Monitor and strengthen your online presence. Backgrounds now overwhelmingly include checking candidates online. Google your name to see what comes up. Take care in maintaining a professional image in your social media and other Internet communications. Establish a strong LinkedIn profile and grow its visibility by accumulating quality connections, endorsements, recommendations, and companies to follow.


As always, a strong foundation provides a place from which to soar and to overcome the difficult weather of life circumstances.

Three Foundational Job Search Strategies to Keep in Mind
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