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The Amazing Power of an Employee Referral

 The best and most reliable way to a satisfying new job is not through applying online. Rely solely on applying online if you want to face massive competition, be initially considered primarily by the appropriate keywords on your resume, or subject yourself to on-going rejection braced by the unknowable parameters of the black hole known as ATS (applicant-tracking system).


No, the best and most reliable way into a new job with minimal hassles is by being referred to a hiring manager. This is why networking is so important. The strength and quantity of network relationships can determine the type of allies available to help you when you are ready to make a job change.


It's easy to understand why referrals work so well. If the person referring has any credibility within the company, this supersedes the unknowns associated with candidates solicited online. A good word or relevant resume passed will get the notice not given to a large number of resumes stored in a database.


How to build a network that can help you get ahead of the crowd? It does take an investment of time and energy. Consider these tips:

1. Identify companies to target based upon your career goal, qualifications, and industry preferences. Use resources such as LinkedIn,, and Google to uncover appropriate organizations.

2. Research your target companies, and see what you can find out about their Employee Referral Programs (ERP). Many employers provide basic information about their ERP on their websites, which you can find if you dig deep enough.


3. Look for ways to connect with and support people who already work at your target companies. Ask people in your current network if they know of anyone working in these organizations, especially in your area of expertise. Do a search on LinkedIn to identify people who work at your targeted companies. Look for those in your career field and make use of your shared LinkedIn connections in establishing contact. Reach out with an offer of mutual support in connecting; note that pressuring them to get assistance in finding a new job will scare people away. Instead, ease them into your network.


4. Cultivate your network by providing support to those who will be in a position to sometime help you. Offer your services and assistance as appropriate.


5. Monitor and track job openings at your targeted employers. Regularly check openings on their website.


6. When the right job is available, be sure to follow the company's ERP guidelines when applying. Check with your internal connection to see if they are comfortable with referring you. Provide them with any additional information to make the referral a strong one.

As many companies offer their employees referral bonuses for a qualified hire, there is internal incentives operating to support this job strategy. Be bold and diplomatic in moving forward with adding this job search method to your job hunt plan.

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