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At any given time there are more job opportunities that go unadvertised than can be found

online. These may take the form of emerging opportunities, open positions that hiring managers

prefer to fill through known sources, jobs that need to be filled immediately, etc. Often an online 

job posting is the final strategy to use.


The primary ways to uncover hidden job leads are through networking, recruiters,

and cold-calling.


Networking is powerful. It is simply about building and maintaining relationships with individuals

within our professional sphere and on-line presence. Continue to expand your network to

include people who work at prospective future employers while continuing to maintain your

current connections. When you're ready to seek that next opportunity, simply ask people in your network (but only those you can deeply trust if you job search is confidential) if they know of any relevant openings. Often companies provide incentives for their employees to make qualified referrals. So you might find your request quite welcome in some circles.


The two most prevalent online tools for networking are LinkedIn and Twitter. The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success by Wayne Breitbarth contains basic ideas to help you leverage your LinkedIn network to support your job hunt. Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies by Joshua Waldman is an excellent resource for optimizing your use of Twitter, LinkedIn and other online tools.


Unlike social media, cold-calling is a very old job search strategy. It can be time-intensive and subjects its users to a trip through rejection alley. The key is being precise in identifying the unique value you have to employers in great need of it. Employer research is critical to avoid wasting a great deal of time. Then consider creating a strong cover letter / enote to send with your resume.


As professional recruiters proactively uncover opportunities (usually before advertised) through their network and cold-calling, they are often considered a primary resource for highly experienced, well-qualified job hunters. However, they're not a good idea in cases of career change or beginning a career as their reputation is based on sourcing the most "tried and true" candidates.


Uncovering hidden job leads requires a substantial investment of time, but often eliminates the distinct disadvantage of competition associated with more traditional job search methods.

Access the Hidden Job Market
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