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Do you get nervous about job interviews? If so, join the club as this is very common.

It's natural to feel some anxiety in situations where many of the circumstances are beyond

our control. This is especially true in situations associated with things as vital as our livelihood,

career reputation, and life changes.


A few tips to prevent this nervousness from turning into self-defeating behavior:

-- Utilize a simple breathing meditation. Take a series of deep breaths, holding each in for a few

seconds before slowly releasing. Another option would be tensing up specific muscle groups

(such as arms, legs, etc.), again holding for a few moments before letting go. In each case,

pay attention to the difference in feeling upon release. With practice, you can bring yourself

back to this relaxed state.

-- Exercise earlier in the day of your interview. Nervousness is pent up energy which exercising can help relieve.

-- Visualize success before you leave for the interview. Imagine what it might feel and look like. Imagine not being hard on yourself if you hit some snags. Imagine acceptance.

-- Adequately prepare for the interview. Give serious thought to and be ready to discuss your qualifications, your achievements, and your fit for the organization based on your research.

-- Leverage nervous energy while in the interview to help stay focused, alert, enthusiastic, and friendly.

-- Curl your toes. If nervous energy gets to be too much in the interview, transfer some of that energy to your toes, which no one can see.

The nervous energy felt can be an ally if allowed. Performers often talk about transforming their nervous energy into the momentum needed for effective acting. It comes as something to be expected and incorporated into their movements. If you can change how you perceive this energy, it can help propel you to success.

Dealing with Pre-Interview Anxiety
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