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Why Aberlene Resume is Your Best Choice

  • All resumes are written by the same certified writer who has a Career Counseling Master of Science Degree and extensive successful experience in the field of resume writing and career management.

  • Our resume styles are modern, distinctive, and professional, with succinct powerful language to grab attention and enhance reading comprehension.

  • Our work reflects extensive training in applicant tracking systems, other resume topics, and career advising. 

  • We show you how to easily and quickly customize your resume to get the most benefit out of it.

  • You get a free resume critique before we start so you can evaluate our recommendations before you pay for anything.

  • More than 95% of clients surveyed reported being "highly satisfied" with their new resume.

  • We can connect you with free workshops and low-cost resources to support your job search.

  • You'll be emailed our monthly newsletter of hot job hunting tips.


Be cautious in trusting sites that say they represent the 10 best resume writing services in the area. These are often "middle-men" looking to make money off of writers without providing their own talent. Typically the only writers they represent are those who pay them a fee.

"I was unemployed for over four months. Then I met Linda . . . The resume she created led to numerous interviews, and I was back to work within a month." - Sue K., Nursing Administrator

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