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Managing Expectations in a Job Hunt

There are many unknowns we come across when searching for a new role. This fact underlies feelings of both the anxiety associated with change and the excitement of a new adventure. With every change there is an element of risk and potential for growth.

To lessen the anxiety and risk, while optimizing growth potential and reward, it's a good idea to gain control of perspective by managing our job hunt expectations. Consider these tips:

  1. Acquire a strong understanding of opportunities supported by your growing qualifications. Research beyond job titles to consider related industries. Successful and relevant experience is paramount to employers, so be prepared to skillfully articulate your ability to excel for each job in which you interview.

  2. Do some personal reflection and identify what is most important for you to have in your next position. Is it rapid advancement? More life-work balance? A chance to develop leadership abilities? Then research companies and positions to uncover opportunities that best fit these needs.

  3. Create steps to get you where you want to be. Most changes are not achieved effectively in a single leap. This is why networking is so important. Each networking step holds the potential to open a door or widen the opening. Set practical markers along the way with regard to networking and interviewing. Be realistic about time frames; expecting too much too soon tends to be self-defeating.

  4. Track your progress by documenting your efforts and results. We learn most from our failures if we allow ourselves to be open to examining them. In documenting your progress, be sure to identify all connections you make, as well as outcomes.

  5. Be cautious about jumping at your first offer. Do you really want to expedite the process to settle in a less-than-stellar opportunity within three months instead of that amazing job that might appear in six months?

The best job hunt plan also allows for flexibility to accommodate new things learned and unforeseen circumstances.

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