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Top 6 Freelance Jobs for Remote Workers

By Chelsea Lamb

A 9-to-5 job can certainly have its advantages. If you want security and stability, the routine of punching the clock is a familiar comfort. If you want to experience more freedom and find a more flexible way to work, though, you might see yourself drawn to freelancing opportunities. Freelancing allows you to use your specific skills, decide your own schedule, and set your rates for clients. All of these benefits make freelancing a great idea for anybodywho wants extra cash or is between jobs. So here are some tips from Aberlene Resume and Career Services to help you get started.

1. Graphic Designer

According to job statistics, graphic designers are in-demand. If you’re adept at illustration, Photoshop, and other visual techniques, a freelance career in graphic design could be the path to profitable online opportunities. Before you start seeking clients, you should compile a portfolio of your best work, including any websites you’ve created graphics for or any commercial art you’ve contributed to.

2. Copywriter

If you have a natural ability to craft persuasive prose, copywriting is yet another freelancing career that could help you make extra money online. Copywriters are responsible for writing content such as product descriptions, blog posts, and web pages. You must be able to develop a unique voice for each client and convey their branding in your content.

3. Virtual Assistant

Organizational skills are important in any job, but they’re essential if you want to work as a freelance virtual assistant. Virtual assistants perform many of the same tasks that an in-person assistant would do – booking meetings, managing emails, and answering phones – but they do so from the comfort of their home. Many companies post job openings for virtual assistant positions on web-based job boards.

4. Web Designer

Web designers are the architects of every online experience, so of course, many of these positions are completely remote. Programmers with knowledge of HTML, Python, JavaScript, and other top coding languages can look for work developing websites. Programmers may also be able to find work creating mobile applications and software.

5. Tutor

Knowledge is a vital resource, and it can be a lucrative one, too. Anybody who’s skilled in an academic discipline or fluent in a foreign language can capitalize on their abilities by becoming a tutor. Online tutors are particularly in-demand as people can conveniently connect on platforms such as Zoom for lessons. Online tutors can find jobs on existing platforms by advertising their services or they can start their own business.

6. Entrepreneur

Whether you’re a tutor, copywriter, or web designer, entrepreneurship can be the key to finding financial success online. Once you’ve identified your most marketable talents and learned how to avoid job scams, you can establish a business to make paying taxes easier.

You'll also have to pay close attention to your website - especially if you're involved in ecommerce. Your customers will expect an online sales platform that's fast, efficient, and streamlined to suit their needs. Luckily, there are plenty of commerce offerings that can result in excellent experiences for buyers and sellers alike, resulting in improved sales and excellent word-of-mouth advertising.

Discover Lucrative Opportunities Online

The web may seem to be flooded with opportunities to make money, but you must utilize your unique skills and learn how to identify the best opportunities. These strategies will make it easier to find the right source of online income for your needs and start a successful business.

Photo via Unsplash


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