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Navigating the Job Search Landscape During Politically Turbulent Times

The nation is facing high tensions and extreme divisiveness driven by dynamic forces that have been building for years—not exactly the ideal background circumstances for a job search. Strong emotions emerge from strong opinions. However, employers are still hiring and the economy continues to build back from the pandemic.

The best advice for your job search is to avoid the temptation of putting your political opinions in the public sphere. Avoid commenting or starting a dialogue on political pages on social media. It’s fine to have an opinion and exercise your 1st amendment right, but there is a time and place for everything. During a job search is not the time and social media for now is not the place.

Human Resources often conducts an extensive background check before extending a formal job offer. This includes “Googling” the names of candidates and looking for their presence on social media. Often people have not put adequate safeguards in to protect their privacy. And some employers send Facebook connect requests to candidates to explore their profile and gain a better understanding of who they are. Political comments on social media can be found, and people can be judged based on what is found.

Also, avoid bringing up or responding to comments that have even a slight political edge in interviews. Political opinions are often formed as shaded hues, not black and white. It’s dangerous to assume that your political opinions match exactly.

By all means, have an opinion; we all should be informed citizens in order to protect our democracy. But proceed with a great deal of caution with whom you share that opinion during a job search.


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